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Welcome to our “agents only” page.  Here we serve and inform our agents directly – and we make things easy for you!  

Just below this paragraph is a link for you to use in sending your contract to our office.  As each contract is received, we’ll immediately send you acknowledgement (and our thanks!) and will then contact your client in order to get things started.  We make things easy for our clients, too!

How we serve our agents..

  • Directly request client reviews for you
  • We wire commissions
  • Highly organized closing system
  • Keep you informed
  • Educational articles
  • Educational videos
  • Always available for help/questions

We make it easy for you and your clients..

If you wish, we’re happy to furnish you with a link to our “client landing page.”  It contains information relevant to clients – among the featured inclusions are printable fee sheets for buyers and sellers.   You are welcome to save the link and forward it to your future clients on an as-needed basis in order to give them the information they need or they may contact us by phone/email and we’ll gladly send it to them ourselves.  We are pleased to copy you and/or your closing coordinator on all key emails to completely ensure you and the clients are equally informed. Either way, our service is immediate.

Our Most Popular Articles

Seller Financing and Private Third-Party Financing Under the Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd-Frank Act (“Act”) limits the situations in which seller-financing and/or private third-party financing may make take place.  Under the Act, any person who offers and/or negotiates the terms of a residential mortgage loan is deemed to be a “mortgage loan originator” and must be licensed.  In that most sellers are not “mortgage loan originators,”

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The Vacation Rental Act (SC Code §27-50-210 et seq.)

A “vacation rental” refers to a rental period of less than 90 days in duration.  Most commonly, “vacation rental” situations are weekly rentals of a resort condominium.  The sale of residential property rented for periods of less than 90 days where that/those rental(s) is/are managed by a third-party management company or are self-managed falls under

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Our real estate system is well-ordered, efficient and clean.  

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Agent on the Street

We salute and serve the Agent on the Street by answering his occasional call to inquire about a unique point, address an odd wrinkle or simply do some double-checking – here he can ask questions anonymously for the benefit of other agents and whatever betterment it may bring to the real estate profession.

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