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We have the knowledge and skills to exceed expectations; we’re here to work with you and also like getting to know you.

Scott B. Umstead

Scott has a natural enthusiasm and love for his work and his clients. He takes on legal matters with a sense of purpose and with the sole thought of achieving your end. With 30-years in active practice, you can rest assured your legal matter is in experienced and caring hands. He provides a very personal experience to every client to ensure each person feels valued, welcome and well-served. Scott has been a proud resident of Myrtle Beach since 1969 when he moved here with his family as a boy.

Following graduation from The Citadel (1982) and the Wake Forest School of Law (1985), he served three years as a criminal defense and legal assistance attorney with the U.S. Army in Ft. Hood, Texas (1st Cavalry Division), with some service in Germany. Upon completion of military service (1988), Scott returned to Myrtle Beach and entered private practice with a very successful litigation firm until opening his own firm in September of 2000 when real estate became another featured area of practice. In addition to supporting a variety of animal charities, Scott enjoys spending time with his dog (Joe), reading, music, exercise and life’s quiet pursuits.

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the Staff at Scott B. Umstead, P.A.

Kim Mallett

Real Estate Chief

15+ years experience. Kim is a master of organization and detail and runs our real estate department with the precision of a marching band – in fact, everything in that corridor flows from her quiet direction. She approaches every situation thoughtfully and with remarkable scholarship. Kim made Myrtle Beach her home 20 years ago after growing up in Connecticut. When private time allows, she tends toward creative things – art, outdoor photography, etc. Kim holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Coastal Carolina University.

Joe Umstead

activities director

Joe spends his days watching over his dad. Once he’s secured the perimeter, he asks to have his heated blanket turned to high and rolls onto his back in case anyone feels like giving him a nice rub-down. When he clocks out, his thoughts turn to peaceful napping, hearty meals, evening massages and watching television on the couch. Joe is one of the gentlest souls in creation and believes all people are good and kind because that’s always been his experience — he really hopes he gets to meet you.

Dawn Willard

Real Estate Closer

25 years experience. Dawn works with terrific concentration and, at the same time, is a center of fun for the office. Her life is and always has been checkered with happy things — her father’s Air Force career meant she lived in many of the world’s interesting corners and, with life having long been a settled thing, she wants only to be with her husband, her children, her grandchildren and her friends. She knows how to be happy and we like that in her. Dawn has a Business Administration degree from UNC-Wilmington.

Debbie Rose

Real Estate Closer

25+ years experience. Originally from Georgia, Debbie has been a Myrtle Beach resident for almost 30 years and has been a real estate closer for an amazing 30 years (yes, we said 30!). She enjoys animals of all kinds (is there really anything better?!) and spends her free time on the beach, playing brain-teasing puzzles or watching the Myrtle Beach baseball team. Debbie holds a BBA in Management from the University of Georgia.

Michelle Zalucky

Litigation Paralegal

20+ years’ experience. Michelle has been with us for almost 10 years and is a true wonder of production, detail and leadership. She’s whip-smart and leans into every task (yes, every single task) with her whole self. When she’s not afire here at the office, she’s doing really great things with her sons and finding ways to help folks who need her. Michelle has an A.S. in Business Science – Paralegal Studies.

Office Concierge

Leighann Spivey

Client Concierge

 Leighann is a Whirling Dervish of energy and production (and good fun!). She gracefully presents our office to the general world through Google, Facebook and other postings and is always in the middle of producing another educational video or article for our agents and clients. And when she goes home, she somehow re-doubles her energy — her private time is spent with her beautiful daughter and little kitten or heading into a honest-to-goodness workout at the gym. Leighann is a proud alumna of Coastal Carolina University and holds a B.S. in Business Administration.

Debbie Meekins

Real Estate Assistant

10+ years experience. Formerly a retail banker from Delaware, Debbie switched to real estate ten years ago and has definitely found a home. She spends her free time with her grandson or pursuing her very serious passion for furniture restoration.

Sarah Walser

Real Estate Assistant

Sarah is a joy to all of us. After 20 years in customer service, she entered the paralegal program and we were extremely lucky to grab her when she graduated. Sarah is engaged in every facet of our office and helps us function in a thousand ways. She and her husband are truly best friends — they’re pretty much always riding jet skis, going to car shows or having quiet dinners together.

Crystal Wagner

Real Estate opener

10+ years experience. Crystal is a South Carolinian through and through and, being a people person, enjoys working with our clients on their closings. She grew up in Pawleys Island and attended the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology. Crystal is sweet, meticulously organized and loves real estate. She is absolutely devoted to her family and loves doing for others.

Kristin Griffith

Real Estate Opener

Kristin approaches life in a way we love. She works hard, but does it with an indefinable lightness and a natural smile; we feel it and see it in her every day (wow!). And when it’s all done, she goes home to relax her mind doing the outdoor things and creative projects she enjoys the most — all the while orbiting around her young son, who we think will grow up to be just like her.

Alyssa Proudfoot

Real Estate Closer

Alyssa is a sweetheart; she began her career in Manassas, Virginia (her cool hometown) before moving to Myrtle Beach with her mother and grandmother, both of whom seem to bake cookies 23 hours a day.  Alyssa’s sense of precision is machine-like and she conducts herself with warmth and calmness.  She spends her free time with family and friends and loves sitting on the beach all day long.  Oh, and she has an associates degree in culinary arts – isn’t that neat! 

Karen Paganini


10+ years experience. Karen has been working with attorneys throughout her career and we are lucky to have her. A Myrtle Beach resident for the last 20 years, Karen is an “old car” enthusiast and loves spending time with her family.

Rigby Umstead

Rigby Umstead (2002-2018)

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