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Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’re masters at delivering the ideal real estate closing experience.  Our process is thoughtful, detailed and meticulously organized — we sincerely believe our performance is unmatched in this area and invite you to read any of our enthusiastic Google client reviews.

We're Dedicated to Our Clients

Every member of our real estate staff has between 10 and 30 years of real estate closing experience. We make your life easier by providing insights and helpful tips throughout your buying, selling or refinancing process. From start to finish, we remain in close contact so you never have to wonder about the process and, of course, we respond to emails and phone calls promptly and courteously.

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We've Seen It All

We expect the unexpected. While every real estate transaction is unique, my 30+ years of practicing law and my highly experienced staff combine to mean there’s hardly a wrinkle we’ve not seen and there’s nothing we’re unprepared to handle. Our experience ensures our clients’ closings are running smoothly and on track.

We're Accomplished

We are proud to be one of the leading educational resources for the real estate agents along the Grand Strand and are among the first firms to be compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Best Practices for Real Estate Practitioners. We work daily with the leading real estate agents and have ongoing relationships with all major area and national lenders.


We're At Your Side

Each closing is as unique as the people involved and, at every stage, we furnish you with the information needed for your comfort. As your realtor furnishes us with materials, these items are catalogued for use going forward. If any discrepancies are noted, you are informed and we discuss our method(s) of resolution; it is our role to bring these matters to your attention and expedite the path to correction.

...and a very enjoyable closing

Our attention along the way is sure to have you feeling confident and well-informed and now we make very sure the closing itself is enjoyable and comfortable.   At your closing, we carefully explain everything you sign, furnish appropriate tips, answer all of your questions (of course!) and provide the very nicest possible experience for you.

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Insuring Your Most Valuable Asset

Real Estate is typically a family’s most valuable asset and is definitely worth protecting.  The potential claims against title are many and varied   Those claims may be made by prior owners in the chain of title (or their heirs), governmental bodies, contractors, lenders, judgment creditors, taxing authorities or various other individuals or entities.

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