Myrtle Beach Real Estate Attorney

30 Years of Litigation experience

Refined to three Fields

While we’ve developed great foresight and an arsenal of knowledge, relationships, and resources over 30 years of litigating an extraordinary range of issues, we’ve chosen to apply our expertise, primarily, to three fields of litigation:

Real Estate Litigation

All matters touching on real estate. We commonly provide representation in both commercial and residential foreclosures, title disputes, quiet title actions, boundary disputes and real estate contract litigation.

Business Litigation

 Encompasses disputes among shareholder/members, as well as disputes between entities. We also offer collection services designed to improve the bottom line while keeping clients within the creditor guidelines prescribed in both federal and state law.

Probate Litigation

Commonly arising from the contest of a Will or a dispute among heir. Our office is experienced at navigating the notably complex laws and issues associated with this field.

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