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Can Real Estate Agents Give Gifts To Clients?

This office has been asked about the following rumor: As with most rumors, it is followed with, “I heard about a guy …(insert tragic ending)” “A real estate agent cannot legally give a gift to a client.”  A variation of the rumor is an agent cannot give a gift valued in excess of $25. And

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Crackdown On Fraudulent Primary Residence Exemptions

As in most places, Horry County residents enjoy a reduced property tax on their primary residence.  That’s as it should be.  What’s not as it should be is the fraudulent claim of primary residence in order to pay less taxes than the law requires.  Specifically, Horry County authorities have caught on to the fact that

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Selling Your Vacation Home? Here’s Something To Consider.

If you are selling a vacation/rental home, there is a chance you will need to obtain a Certificate of Tax Compliance from the South Carolina Department of Revenue prior to closing. To begin, I am obligated to state I am not a tax attorney nor a CPA and nothing discussed here is intended as tax

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Quiet Title

On occasion, we are asked to close a transaction in which the seller purchased the real property at a tax sale and, therefore, holds only a “tax deed.”  A tax deed is issued by the Horry County Delinquent Tax Office roughly 1-year after the tax sale (unless the property is redeemed) to the high bidder

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