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The Closing Process

Complete Accuracy Of Your Contract

Creating a smooth closing experience

The contract is signed, the earnest money is deposited and you are ready to start the closing process. When the contract is received in our office, it is reviewed for completeness and accuracy and we make contact with you to obtain some information we will need along the way.


Ensuring Defined Titles

If you are a Myrtle Beach home buyer, we order a title search of the property from our abstractor to ensure the seller’s title is clean and there are no liens on the property other than what is being paid at closing. At the same time, we ensure the property lines are clearly defined (a survey is generally recommended), there are no “clouds” on the title and set out the requirements which must be satisfied before closing.

If you are a seller, this includes ordering a termite report and obtaining a written payoff for any mortgage(s) on the property.

Each Closing Is Unique

We'll help with your transition

Each closing is as unique as the people involved and, at every stage, we furnish you with whatever is needed for your comfort and information. As your realtor furnishes us with materials, these items are catalogued for use going forward. If any discrepancies are noted, you are informed and we discuss our method(s) of resolution; it is our role to bring these matters to your attention and expedite the path to correction.

Cooperating with your lender

If you are a buyer and have obtained a loan for the purchase, much of our time is spent in cooperation with your lender to make sure the loan documents are complete and legally sufficient. As the closing date approaches, the closing disclosure (CD) or HUD-1 Settlement Statement is prepared for your review; it details all costs, credits and disbursements.

With everything now ready, we contact you to arrange a convenient time for the closing. At the closing, each document is carefully explained to add to your comfort and understanding and you are provided with a copy of the materials. Once both parties have signed, we record the necessary items at the courthouse, issue any policies of title insurance, as well as make the appropriate mailings and disbursements — your transaction is now complete.

Completing the transaction

Ready to get started?

If you’d like us to help you estimate your closing costs, get in touch with us today through our contact form. Or you can call us directly at

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For real estate litigation services, including quiet title actions, please refer to our litigation page

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